Cloud4Hotel – Website Design Project

April 11, 2016


Cloud4hotel is a disruptive SAAS startup which targets at small and medium-size hotels without IT staff and and with tight IT budgets. Most of the hotels know how to sell their product in a face-to-face manner, but they need a lot of help when they come to the digital world. Cloud4hotel SAAS puts any hotel in a cloud and provides tailor-made solutions to every hospitality manager.

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Our client wanted a website designed for his newly-born business. Something alike The same simple, full of IT-elements frame without human presence, but with bright call-to-action buttons. Putting together the already existing logo and corporate style colours, minimum content, and adding to these some Amazonish austerity, we started with the website design.


To design a SAAS website which would transmit the ideas of simplicity, competitive prices, self-service and no human entity working for cloud4hotel human customers.


We started with the homepage design, rearranging the existing logo a bit and introducing the mascot of the cloudman instead of the forbidden human entity. Our client chose the blue-colour homepage variant, rejecting the orange-colour one, although the latter looked very Amazonish and bizarre.

The homepage being approved, we continued with the SAAS section. Utilising the cloudman image, we created a restrained, but mischievous reality introducing the cloud4hotel key services. The rule which states that there should be only one call-to-action button has been broken in this design, but the orange “Get a Quote” button takes the priority. The user doesn’t hesitated which button to click and which way to move forward. The long, content-heavy Legal page has been blended with cloudman watermarks which both make the design lighter and emphasize the official character of the section.

The responsive html-layout supports the idea of simplicity, since the created mobile and tablet designs of the site are absolutely user-friendly and convenient.


The Cloud4hotel project is in high progress now, although the design guidelines for the new website have already been drawn. The client is happy with our sober, composed design solution, touched with some humouristic tints, which are so important for happy user experience.

Cloud4Hotel  Image 1

Development team

Konstantin Davydov – conceptual design

Vasiliy Fedorischev – graphic design

Maria Tkachenko – project management

Oleg Frolov – front-end HTML / CSS / JS responsive coding

Alexey Shalyony – general supervision

Yury Davydov – legal support

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Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript

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