SITA – Russian localization project for multinational company

April 29, 2016


SITA is the world’s leading company in the field of air transport communications and informational technology. The company provides its services to 90% of the world’s airline business. SITA presently operates in over 200 countries and territories and Russia is among them.

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SITA has a long history of working with Russian air industry. The company office in Moscow started to work in 1981 and a lot of air transport IT solutions were implemented by SITA for USSR / Russian airlines.

Nevertheless, almost any western business face communication issues when they come to Russian market and SITA is no exception. Local air industry decision makers don’t always speak great English. By 2011 the problem got even more severe. SITA was offering its solution to smaller regional airports and the question of SITA`s local Russian language website got extremely vital.

We started discussing the project in late 2011 and in 2012 the contract was signed.


Design and maintain Russian language website to help SITA communicate with Russian air industry decision makers and increase awareness of SITA`s capabilities and competitive edges on Russian air transportation market.


The first milestone was dedicated to research, planning and visualizing.

We started with finalization of a new domain name Looks interesting, right? Yeah, domain .aero is the world’s first industry-based top level Internet domain. Guess, what company does aero domain zone belong to? Yes, our client SITA The second thing was researching the numerous SITA brand guides and finding the appropriate cyrillic font what goes well with company visuals.

The next step is finalizing the Russian semantic core of the site and the sitemap.

The first milestone ended up content localization and designing 7 key mockups of most important web pages. It was not a conceptual design – the look of the site was inherited from the main corporate website, but we have to see how the site will look like with Russian content and updated structure of pages.

The second milestone was about front-end coding, WordPress back-end development, SEO optimization, speed and security audit, final testing and going live.

The first project with SITA was over, but the business relationships between our companies were just started as soon we signed the maintenance contract.


The site was launched in the spring of 2013 and we’ve been maintaining the site since then. The site undergoes security audit and patches regularly and doesn’t have a second of downtime since it went live. In 2014 SITA IT department conducted an audit of the website and we received only one small recommendation, which was brought to live the same day. The office of SITA in Moscow received numerous acknowledgments of their services becoming more apprehensible for the Russian speaking audience.

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Testimonial by Valeria Naumova – the head of Russian branch of SITA

Design Russia — is a web “analgesic” – they remove headache and sort out everything that goes with corporate design and web development. SITA has been working with Design Russia for more than two years. And this was really professionally and nice. At first I was a little wary of the fact that we are placed in Moscow and the developers are at some distance in the other city. But for these two years of tense work there was not a single delay or misunderstanding. Communication is definitely a strong side of that studio. No need to explain the very detail — it was enough just to put the task or to set the direction, and experts from Design Russia recommend the best solution. As a result – visitors on increased from several dozens to seven hundred unique users per month, and now looks really respectably and match for international company. Thanks to Design Russia team for the great job! We hope for long-term cooperation.

Development team

Konstantin Davydov – UX/UII design and front-end development

Sergey Pistchanetsky – PHP development

Alexander Vobyachenko – platform updates and maintenance

Darja Shakshina – content management

Alexey Shalyonny – project management

Yuriy Davydov – juristic support

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