1st Birthday Gifts Website Redesign on Magento

The goal of this project was to move the current store to another platform, add functionality. website creating

Our goal was to create a modern, functional site for a subsidiary company – a division that checks and maintains playgrounds.

Thematic catalog

We have created another product catalog for a Golden Client. This time – a thematic catalog – “Series – Castles”

Rest Relax Gaming

Rest Relax Gaming is a Shopify store specializing in the sale of gaming desks. The store’s products will definitely appeal to fans of computer games.

Logo Works

An amazing selection of our extras in logo creation. The logos were created both as separate projects and as part of a set of services.

Print Design and Brand ID

Some examples of our work on the creation of brands and printed materials. The works were performed for different clients, at different times.

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Northside Hip Hop Archives

We’ve done our best to make the new site clean, user-friendly and inspiring. And NSHH team can easily update it with new songs, lyrics and articles.

Rafael Leitao

We have created a modern, attractive, fast and SEO-optimized bilingual website. We used brand elements and developed a web design that fits them correctly.

Icon Sets

The  works on the creation of sets of icons in comprehensive projects. Very often in web projects we carry out creative work to create unique brand icons.


Sophisticated and modern brand marketplace. 
It was an ambitious project, and we were happy to take part in it. Wordpress, WPML, Yoast SEO, iThemes Security.

Photoshop Works

Set of works with photos – retouching, replacement of surfaces, color correction, etc. We always try to make the brand positioning as effective as possible.

Animation Works

A set of works with animation – promotions, animated logos, banners, intro and icons. We always try to make the brand positioning as effective as possible.

You Can have a Better Website

Mental Dental Mental Dental

The client got a new, modern and user-friendly online store which is a great platform for his growing dental business. The site looks great on any device.

Large web store to Magento2 migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 website migration of our extras in logo creation. The large eCommerce online store is up and running on Magento 2.

Urban Advantage

Using a great logo and color scheme, we’ve managed to complete an astonishing redesign project. The new site fully reaches its goals.

Mental Dental

We have developed a unique and clear logo and an official brand guide, providing something that can define the style of the company for many years to come.


MetPromKo got a smoothly working e-commerce website with a user-friendly frontend and a neat backend. Magento provides MetPromKo with the perfect online store.

Urban Advantage

We created a distinct, legible logo, and an official brand guideline, which reveals UA Team corporate personality and itself revealed in a stylish identity!


Pearl of Gozo

We brought the client’s vision to life and conveyed the colors and style of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo, mentioned even in Homer’s Odyssey.

ADA Compliant E-Commerce Websites

The ADA Compliant of a website is a very important social and legal aspect of the website’s life and business responsibility.

Nicolas Breedlove

Over the years of our relationship, we have successfully helped Nicolas to develop his online business efficiently and stress-free.

Judy Carter Promo

Bright, personal and on-point – those are the qualities of Judy’s humor that became visible in the design and that’s how the site presents Judy in the Runet.

German Online Institute

A convenient bilingual corporate website, modern, attractive and original, with easy navigation on Wordpress. SEO optimization.

bientechnic-case-med Germerott Bienentechnik GmbH

Up-to-date, well-designed e-commerce Magento website with a coherent product catalog. The goal should have been achieved on a tight budget.


Playground Equipment

The aim was to improve the design and aesthetics of the website, as well as add some functionality to it.

AAA State of Play

Businessman Nicholas Breedlove and his family e-commerce business. The results speak for themselves, the website has become more popular than ever.

Rafael Leitao

The main objective of our project with Rafael was the site speed and security optimization. All in all the site got faster and safer.

Beyond The Duero

WordPress bilingual blog and e-commerce shop. The shop and the blog side function separately – the independent search is possible for each of them.


We have created and run a website on the WordPress platform with high responsiveness, based on Bootstrap, with an integrated especially important CRM.


The particularity of this project was that we had to build a custom CRM. The site had to be easy to manage through the backend and easy to use on the frontend.

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Utopia Computers

Fixing and updating the configurator and simplifying the management of the online store. Utopia Computers continues to easily sell its products on eBay.

Get Minimal

We saved the client’s e-commerce business and the website that was overflowed with plugins. Her online store still continues to make her profit.

The Crichton Group

The Middle Tennessee’s largest insurance company now has the new, fresh, innovative, and user-friendly website doing amazing job presenting their best qualities

Marketing Postcards

Three marvelous postcards that brightened up Nic’s clients’ days. Such marketing tool definitely should be in every store’s pock


Eventually, we’ve preserved the client’s e-commerce business and secured sustainable development. We think there is nothing more important for a business.


Develop and maintain a Russian-language website to help SITA communicate with decision makers in the Russian aviation industry.


The Cloud4hotel project is in high progress now, although the design guidelines for the new website have already been drawn.

In Job

The project goal was to make the In Job brand more recognizable among the large-scale companies, which needed skilled professionals.

You Can have a Better Website

Tiara Bleu

Stylish, customer-friendly, secure, responsive e-commerce website with a well-structured shopping cart, category, product and checkout pages.

DSM Group

New website and corporate style that corresponds marketing agency, specializing in pharmaceutical sphere.

Our projects in 2015

4 printed catalogues, 3 logos, 2 web designs

Our projects in 2014

4 online stores, 1 logo

Our projects in 2013

2 e-commerce websites, 5 corporate websites, 1 printed catalogue

Our projects in 2012

5 e-commerce websites, 4 corporate websitesб 3 logos

Our projects in 2011

4 e-commerce websites, 7 corporate websites, 6 logos, 1 mobile app design

Our projects in 2010

8 e-commerce websites, 10 corporate websites, 8 logos, 1 mobile app design

Our projects in 2009

2 e-commerce websites, 11 corporate websites, 5 logos and corporate ids

Our projects in 2008

20 corporate websites, 5 logos, billboards, print materials and TV promos

Our projects in 2007

22 corporate websites, 4 logos, billboards, 3d modeling, print materials and TV promos

Our projects in 2006

27 corporate websites, 8 logos & corporate ids, photo retouching, print materials, intros

Our projects in 2005

15 corporate websites, 4 logos & corporate ids, print materials

Our projects in 2004

14 corporate websites, 11 logos & corporate ids, print materials