Tiara Bleu – Redesign for the Australian online store

January 28, 2016


Tiara Bleu is an exclusively online modern jewellery boutique offering stunning designs from around the world at surprisingly affordable prices. Website URL – www.tiarableu.com.au

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Gulsen, the website owner, was looking for a Magento expert, who could help her create a new look for her jewellery website and thus help increase the sales. She positioned her business as a small one and needed someone proactive, who could generate ideas rather than follow the instructions. DesignRussia was quite the case. The redesign project of August 2014 grew into a successful two-year cooperation that still goes on.

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The general look’ n ’feel design of the initial website was quite attractive, but there were a lot of faulty details beginning with the too big logo on the too little space, the wrong fonts and spaces, absolutely disastrous shopping cart and the checkout page, ending up with only an attempt of “mobile friendliness”.


To redesign the web store making it more attractive for customers and easier to maintain for the owners.


We presumed the above stated goal can be achieved by accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Slight, non-conceptual redesign of the whole website.
  • Design for the shopping cart and the checkout pages.
  • Updating the Magento theme with a new design.
  • Making the site responsive.


Stylish, customer-friendly, secure, responsive e-commerce website with a well-structured shopping cart, category, product and checkout pages, which communicates the idea of exquisite but uffordable beauty to its customers.


The whole project may be divided into the four logical stages:

1) August 2014 – the first redesign and maintenance;
2) January 2015 – the second redesign and maintenance;

3) July – August 2015 – the hosting migration;
4) September 2015 till present day – current support and maintenance.

August 2014 – the first redesign

During the first redesign the new refreshed and refined style of the website had been achieved. The homepage had been equipped with a wide adorable slider with several absolutely gorgeous banners.

The emphasis here was on the products, whereas the rest of the traditional menu buttons, such as About Us, Contact Us, etc. were hidden in the footer.

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The category page laid the same emphasis: customers’ comfortable and convenient picking and choosing as the top priority. To put this effect into practice we had created new categories and price divisions as well as installed the product filter.

The product page had also gained the “selling” appeal by showing a large photo of the product and several “call-to-action” buttons.

The shopping cart and the checkout page were redesigned to achieve absolutely harmonious look with the overall website image.

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January 2015 – the second redesign

The second redesign made the website appearance even more advanced, chic and fashionable. The colour palette got more restful, the texts and hyperlinks were minimized, so that the new website look highlighted the luxurious jewellery products. The item images on the category page were enlarged as well as the images in the shopping cart and the checkout. Too see the full effect of the redesign visit the live site at www.tiarableu.com

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July – August 2015 – the hosting migration

In July 2015 the web store owners started themselves the site migration to a new VPS server, but couldn’t complete the process and applied for our help. The migration turned out to be really troublesome and wasteful. The hosting service had promised much, but didn’t put its promises into practice.

As a result DesignRussia faced two cPanel accounts created for the website instead of just one and had done some useless work before figuring out this kind of the hoster’s blunder. Finally, the site was transferred to the new server, tested by the client and adjusted by our programmers. The only remark here is the migration would have gone much easier but for the hosting server and its poor service.

September 2015 till present day – current support and maintenance

The present-day cooperation with TiaraBleu wasn’t restricted to smooth and simple technical support, such as adding new codes and buttons, polishing up different site services and functions. Several times the website had fallen prey of online frauds.

Once TiaraBleu gave way to a fishing service, and the hoster was threatening to remove the site completely from the server, if the hacking issues hadn’t been fixed urgently. We had to quickly copy the site to the development domain, fix its styling and advance its security patch.

Another time the site had been hacked due to the vulnerable plugin, reconstructed painstakingly, checked for security and cleaned up of the identified malware. Some time later the Google Search Console Service reported that severe health issues had been found in the TiaraBleu property and unnatural inbound links had violated Google Webmaster Guidlines. In the latter case we didn’t only have to solve the security problem, but had to work out a list of recommendations for our client on how to avoid the predicament in the future.

Development team

Konstantin Davydov – website redesign and coding.

Sergey Pischanetskiy – magento development, security, and hosting administration.

Alexey Shalyonny, Alexander Cheusov – project management.

You can meet us at our site.


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