“We would like to continue our business in the future”.

For my part you guys have been excellent. You fulfilled our requirement in the soonest possible timeframe, and help us more suring the process when accidents happen. You are also very patient and remind us what we are missing because we know we were not always replying to you in time. We would like to continue our business in the future.

Le Lihn,
VisCircle GmbH developer

“Everyone is very happy with the results!”

Thank you the DR team all for all of your hard work on this catalog, everyone is very happy with the results! I appreciate your quick action and helping through all of the last minute edits. The digital version looks good on my end. I’ve shared it with the team and everyone is excited about the new volume. Thank you for everything you do!

Lindsey Stafford
PlaygroundEquipment.com, team representative

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“I liked that they challenged my ideas and gave their own opinions.”

DRStudio created a simple website that has generated an increase in online bookings. Clients reacted positively to the platform’s design. They followed project guidelines, but proactively offered suggestions to improve the project. The team was consistently available and communicative.

Deborah Occhipinti,
Owner, Pearl of Gozo

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“The site is designed really well – it’s easy to navigate and the content is clear.”

The completed site more than met expectations and was widely praised within the organization after its launch. The team was excellent throughout the project and continues to provide maintenance support. They were attentive, accommodating, and ensured all work was completed to the highest standard.

Senior Product Manager, Museum History Program

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“They’re one of the best partners I’ve ever worked with.”

After the site’s launch, visitors reported only positive feedback due to its attractive design and clear content. DRStudio’s constant accessibility, international reach, and outstanding English proficiency ensured an enjoyable collaboration.

Valeria Naumova
Russian Regional Marketing Manager, SITA

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“They’re able to take my idea and change it into something I want without me telling them exactly what it is.”

DRStudio’s involvement stimulates site growth. The custom features they’ve created appeal to customers. Assigned resources excel in producing high-quality code, delivering on time, and handling critical updates without compromising site functionality, which has been of utmost importance.

Nic Breedlove,
Founder, AAA State of Play

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“DRStudio’s project management is the thing that keeps me with them because they have a good process in place.”

The improved site has more visitors and higher SEO scores, which resulted in an increase in revenue. Another highlight was DRStudio’s meticulous planning and proactive communication. While the team’s directness was sometimes disconcerting, it helped keep the project on schedule.

Ryan Deeds,
IT Director, The Crichton Group

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“They are committed to their clients.”

DRStudio capably delivered a functional website that met all expectations. As a result, online traffic and leads have increased. The team is responsive and demonstrates a commitment to client success. A reliable vendor, DRStudio never missed a deadline.

Rafael Leitão,
CEO, rafaelleitao.com

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“Within my budget”

I had some problems with my website and Elena and her talented crew at DRStudio designed a terrific website that was within my budget.

Judy Carter

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“The studio staff showed a high level of professionalism”

…the studio staff showed a high level of professionalism and the ability to work on tight deadlines. A clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the customer was the key to the successful implementation of the project …

Artem Kapitulsky,
IT Director of DSM Group

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“Intuitive understanding of my idea”

…I would especially like to note the intuitive understanding of my idea by the guys from the Davydov Studio: I wanted a fairy tale store, a store with the story, so that there was nothing clumsy and repulsive …

Daria Popovicheva,
fashion designer

“offered their wonderful ideas”

…very patient; highly professional – having their own brain (several brains) between the ears; that is, they did not just do what I said, but offered their wonderful ideas; with excellent knowledge in the field design and development; possessing the skills of an individual personal approach. They exceeded my expectations and worth every penny…

Nina Saue,
Founder & СEO of GOI

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“Very honest, creative team”

…Very honest, creative team that always gets the job done. With an understanding of the concept of “deadline”…

Beatrice Morell,
Business lady, Founder of SprinTec

“The guys understood me perfectly”

…The guys understood me perfectly and made a modern, beautiful, adaptive store. We expanded the functionality and now I work with wholesale customers from different countries…

Smith Tobin,
Businessman & CEO of Germerott Bienentechnik GmbH

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