Saving and maintaining Summerana e-commerce website

June 7, 2016


The project is a professional community and shop for Photographers. They are to create helping tools for the creative and modern photographers. Grace Trudeau is the Summerana company owner and founder.

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She lives with the idea, that anything is possible. She is such a lovely and creative person and we are proud of having long-term relationship with her and we also keep an eye on her other sites.

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Grace applied us with a tricky problem. Her site was rather unsuccessfully migrated to another hosting. The consequences were the payment gateway error and as the result – inability to accept payment transactions. Adding to this many back-doors occurred which gave hackers the freeway to launched their malware.

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Of course, the number one objective was to fix the payment gateway and to get the cart and the checkout back on track. These are the basic pillars of an e-shop success. Besides, as you may perceive, we had to reveal back-doors and maintain the site security. And finally, clean the site and put everything in place.


The entire work was divided into stages. On the first stage, we analyzed the payment gateway mechanism. The found issues were solved. Then we covered the gateway with tests. In the meantime, we run a malware scanning software and organised logging for all the events on the site. So, we found the malicious code and the ways it was injected into the site.

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On the second stage, we launched a complex analysis of how the site had been coded and maintained before we started working on it. This was in order to find and improve all the irrational coding solutions organised by the previous developers. The server and its management system were set up. All the extensions and modules were revised based on their compatibility and contribution efficiency. Many of them were unnecessary producing in vain load for the CMS.

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The final third stage was to create and enact the plan for the ongoing development and maintenance. This works in the way that all the client’s ideas on the site appearance and services are discussed and formalized in a form of a brief. The brief is used as the basis for all the actions and improvements. Thus, our dear client is able to verify the deliverables and see the progress.

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Eventually, we’ve preserved the client’s e-commerce business and secured sustainable development. We think there is nothing more important for a business. The site got higher performance rate. Working with us Grace could bring to live her long-cherished business intentions. She could breathe freely and finally put her energy into the business growth. Now we are working on the other Grace’s website launch. It’s always a great pleasure for us to know that we help our clients to grow and expand.

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Development team

Alexander Vobyachenko – developer

Maria Tkachenko – project management

Yury Davydov – legal support

You can meet us at our site.


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