August 17, 2017


MetPromKo Company is a large supplier of rolled metal products in Russia.
The company’s website is

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An e-commerce website based on Magento 1.9. The client had already settled a development site and a staging.


The finalised and brushed up staging website that is ready to launch.


Our first milestone was concentrated on the dev and staging website versions. The client provided us the access to their hosting. And we created a staging for two test websites with different domains. The code of the websites was kept in the client’s repository. The staging was a copy of a future production site and had the same settings and database. However, the development website was not connected to the real database, and the client didn’t want the coding works to somehow affect a future-to-be production (current staging). Therefore, we developed a script that dumped the staging database and uploaded it to the dev. The script was easy to use and could be activated from a command line by a non-developer.

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Since the client was SEO oriented, we improved most of the SEO features on the website. For example, we installed the Google Tag Manager code that is a useful tool to add and manage Analytics page view tags, AdWords Conversion Tracking tags, and others.
Besides that, we set a standard sitemap generation for Magento; installed and set SEO Friendly module and fit it to the website’s styles in the back end.
The product pages’ SEO texts were moved down the page so they wouldn’t appear above the products.That enhanced the website’s usability and let visitors see the products first. Initially, the SEO texts were displayed on the category pages and every product page of the same category. The client needed those texts appear on the category pages only. The solution was to do some changes in the code. We put the texts right below the H1 heading so users may see the texts at the end of the category page; and the Robot sees it right after the H1 heading.

When we had finished the first milestone, we migrated the test website to the staging website using a script; and continued our work there.

The client wanted to feature a special tool that helped customers to get the supplier’s contact information faster. Therefore we designed a city selection window and developed a module for it. The city selection window appears when a user opens the website. The functionality of the module pumps the right phone number and an e-mail address according to the chosen city. If a user presses ‘yes’ or does not choose a city, the module displays the default city and e-mail.

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It’s important to keep the CMS secured and upgraded, especially if the CMS has got an open code like Magento does. We installed all the latest critical updates for the client’s Magento version. Likewise, the client knew how important it was to provide safety to their visitors and requested to install an SSL certificate. We also added http to https redirection in the code and used a server-side 301 redirect for some pages. And we made it possible to edit the redirection feature in the admin.

When our work had been done on the dev site, we launched the website on a new domain.


MetPromKo got a smoothly working e-commerce website with a user-friendly front end and a neat back end. Magento will provide MetPromKo with the perfect online store management system for adding new products without efforts. Besides, we had boosted their SEO features that raised overall conversions. The easy-to-maintain system makes executing their marketing strategy a breeze.

Development team

Konstantin Davydov – front-end HTML / CSS / JS responsive coding, theme development

Sergey Pischanetskiy – web security, server administration, Magento development, programming and optimization

Maria Tkachenko – project management

Yury Davydov – legal support

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