Mental Dental – Brand Guideline

September 6, 2017


Mental Dental is one of the largest full-service dental dealers in the USA, supplying around 12,000 dental practices with everything from toothbrushes to specialist dental equipment.

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The company has been in the dental market for more than 5 years. Their industry expertise allows them to stock exactly what they need and get the best deals for their clients. To reach more clients, in 2017 the owner, Oliver Langley, asked our team to create an online store for their business.


The goal was to develop a brand identity for a successful business that would help to attract more new clients. We also aimed to present the client differently, go beyond of what medical industry websites usually look like, yet maintain a clean and trustworthy design.


The main brand purpose is to initiate a visual dialogue with a client by delivering the positive visual cues. We aimed to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere on one hand and wanted to highlight the company’s reliability on the other.

During the brand development the emphasis was made on a friendly, positive and fresh looking visual image — graphical metaphor of a smiling person consisting of capitalized «M» & «D» letters. A unique, bespoke typography was developed for the logo. Its geometry and overall mood support and elaborate the graphical sign.

The brand guideline contains general overviews, specifications, color palette, typography, color configurations, application and samples of correct and incorrect usage of the logo and visual elements. The guideline package also comes with vector icons and patterns, and with a basic set of stationeries design, such as cards, invoices, and pens.

Thanks to a large amount of effort to investigate client’s interests and business, we were able to check every box and get our sketches approved for further development on the first pass. Final versions of the logo and brand ID were also approved with only one revision.

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We designed a unique and friendly logo and an official brand guideline for the successful business, providing them with something that might define their presentation for years to come. This guideline was also a starting point for the Mental Dental website design and development.

Development team

Pavel Tamakulov – logo design and brand guideline layout

Alex Shalyonny – project management

Yury Davydov – legal support

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