Marketing Postcards – A quick print design project

December 23, 2016


Nicolas Breedlove is an entrepreneur who sells equipment for playgrounds and various outdoor amenities via the two online stores – and He needed a fine new addition to his marketing arsenal – multiple postcards for all possible occasions. And that’s why he contacted us!


Nicolas wanted us to design multiple postcards that would be sent to his customers after successful purchases alongside the delivered items. Besides marketing purposes, the cards would bring happiness and joy to people and surely leave a smile on their faces for a moment. No doubt, this is an idea worth being realized!


Marketing Postcards  Image 1

The initial goal of the project was to design a cheerful, emotion-evoking postcard for Eventually it grew into a series of such marketing materials, involving another online store – Playground Equipment.


To understand the idea better we prepared a series of questions for the client. The answers greatly helped us to get inside our client’s mind.

Since was located in the Indiana, the postcard needed to be linked with the so-called Hoosier state. We used the images illustrating the state’s essential associations: basketball, open-wheel car racing and farmland.

The new postcard shows a stunning morning sunrise in a countryside farm.The message saying “Greetings from Indiana from your friends at AAA State of Play” was put onto the warm background so it blends nicely into the overall design. Inside the word “Indiana” there’s a dynamic picture of a basketball player, who’s about to dunk the ball into the basket and a rapid open-wheel race car going for the grand prix (and you can bet anything it’s going to win it!).

The overall warm colors (brown, yellow, green) make the postcard arouse the emotional state of a customer, even if they’re having a bad day.

Marketing Postcards  Image 1

That’s where we began developing the postcard for It had a similar purpose, but was supposed to have a different design, less cartoonish. Even though the design was constantly changing, we managed to create a well-fitting masterpiece.

Marketing Postcards  Image 1

Big block letters create the word that always comes to mind first, when talking about Nic’s business. The word PLAY with an adorable picture of children having fun on a piece of playground equipment in each of the 4 letters.

As the Christmas was coming up, Nicolas wanted to promote the holiday sale at He thought a postcard would be the perfect solution and we couldn’t agree more. it was a pleasure for us to design a postcard soaked in the Christmas atmosphere.

Marketing Postcards  Image 1

The postcard included playground equipment products on sale in the foreground and beautiful snowflakes with christmas decorations in the background. Great representation of this miraculous time of the year!


Three marvelous postcards that brightened up Nic’s clients’ days. Such marketing tool definitely should be in every store’s pocket.

Development team

Konstantin Davydov – graphic design

Anatoly Grigoryan – project management

Alexander Cheusov – account management

Yury Davydov – legal support

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