Magento Web Development

Thinking about a Magento store?
We’ll help you create it, from design mockups to QA testing.

Still using Magento 1?
Did you know that there will be no official support after 2018?
We can help you move to a more secure, full of new features and overall better Magento 2 CMS.
In fact, we are one of the first teams ever to do the Magento 1 to Magento 2 site migration.

Magento features and extensions

Magento CMS was made with online shops in mind, it has tons of built-in features specifically for shopping-themed websites. It is also one of the most secure cart systems in the world right now. But not only that, there are plenty of extensions for Magento and their features can be implemented very quickly, saving you time and money for custom development.

magento features

Our Approach

Our team of project managers and web developers carefully studies every client and their needs, abiding personal approach. In other words, we make sure you receive your project with a happy smile on your face.

We will give you the professional advice and multiple opinions. We want nothing but best for your business. We will ask you as many questions as needed to fully understand your train of thought and your intentions.

Oh, and after the work is done, don’t be surprised to receive a Christmas card from us, because we never forget our friends!

Case Studies

Our team

Konstantin Davydov - ССО, co-founder, senior designer

KonstantinDavydov ССО, co-founder,
senior designer

Dmitry Arbuzov - senior PHP developer, Magento 1&2/ReactJS developer

DmitryArbuzov team lead, senior PHP developer, Magento 1&2/ReactJS developer

Rustam Uteev - senior PHP, WordPress/Laravel/Vue.js developer

RustamUteev senior PHP developer, WordPress/Laravel/Vue.js developer

Sergey Tolstik - middle PHP developer, WP/Laravel developer

SergeyTolstik middle PHP developer, WP/Laravel developer

Valeria Aleksandrova -  quality assurance

ValeriaAleksandrova quality assurance

Rodion Zainullin -  quality assurance

RodionZainullin quality assurance

Maxim Kuznetsov - junior PHP, Laravel/Vue JS developer

MaximKuznetsov junior PHP developer, Laravel/Vue JS developer

Vladislav Egorov - junior PHP, Laravel/Open Cart/Vue JS developer

VladislavEgorov junior PHP developer, Laravel/Open Cart/Vue JS developer

Business Industries

During our experience we have managed to work with different industries. We helped put smiles on children’s faces during our work with our long-term partner Nicolas who owns a playground equipment business. We’ve learnt how to maintain hives with Tobin and his store of beekeeping supplies that we created. And we’ve also helped students and their teachers easily participate in the American Museum of Natural History Urban Advantage Program.


We love our clients and they love us back. Here’s what they say about us:

“The completed site more than met expectations and was widely praised within the organization after its launch. The team was excellent throughout the project and continues to provide maintenance support. They were attentive, accommodating, and ensured all work was completed to the highest standard.”
Asish George
Senior Product Manager at American Museum of Natural History

“DesignRussia’s involvement stimulates site growth. The custom features they’ve created appeal to customers. Assigned resources excel in producing high-quality code, delivering on time, and handling critical updates without compromising site functionality, which has been of utmost importance.”
Nicolas Breedlove
Founder of AAA State of Play