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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an artistic and design activity to create a harmonious and effective visual and communicative environment.

Let’s figure out what this means for us, web developers (designers, typesetters and other computer pen and mouse workers). And also, and this is most important, for third-party (and not so) observers of web development – users (site owners and visitors).

The easiest way to understand something is to decompose this “something” into its components.

In general, we will decompose.

Firstly: Artistic and design activities.

Accordingly, based on the meanings of individual words, we design and create something according to the laws (there are such laws) of art, which does not contradict our aesthetic taste (at least).

What are we creating? Accordingly, it is an image of reality.
For example, the Company logo. Or the website of the same Company.

Secondly: A harmonious and effective visual and communicative environment.

“Harmonious”, in other words, is a balanced presentation of the Company’s image according to its ideas about itself and the expectations of the environment.

“Effective” means working, giving the required results.

“Visual-communicative” is what we see and can interact with it, carry out communication, that is, communicate.

Well, that’s clarified.


How can this be applied in practice?

For web developers (all the same designers, coders, programmers, etc.):
Creating a website, drawing, making up and programming the desired effective tool of his business to the customer, remember the aesthetic taste and effectiveness of what will be done. Ie, draw beautifully, in an original way, but do not forget that it should work.

Owners of websites being created:
With all the thirst to capture yourself and your Company in marble, and put a red edging on the side, do not forget about the same aesthetic taste of visitors and their possible desire to communicate on the subject of ordering services or goods. I.e. it should be beautiful, original, express the individuality of the Company (if there is one), but also convenient, practical and not tedious.

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Konstantin Davydov,
Art Director of DRStudio

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