Creating a promotional website for Judy Carter

September 1, 2020


Judy Carter, a celebrity comedian and the author of “The Comedy Bible,” the best-selling comedy guide.

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Judy Carter is a famous American stand-up comedian and an author of several best-selling comedy books featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, and on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Besides her writing career and hundreds of interviews, she performs as a motivational humorist and holds motivational humor workshops for speakers and comics.


Judy had plans to finally release a Russian translation of her most famous and acclaimed book – “The Comedy Bible” and among other things, she was looking for someone to create a promotional website. We are fans of her work so we made it our mission to help her create the site that would reflect Judy’s style and personality in the design and help her promote the book for Russian audience.


Main challenge of the design was conveying Judy’s personality as the site was going to be simple in its functionality and focus heavily on the design, not exclusive features. During the process of creative experimentation, we’ve prepared two designs, one of which we later improved basing on Judy’s feedback.

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Then we focused our work on the front-end coding of the website, adding functionality to the alluring look. The site was brought to life and began to operate. The masterpiece started to shine in all its glory!

After a couple of feedback loops, we realized that the design of a book promo site should be much more colorful and so it blossomed, just like Judy’s writing, into a bright cornucopia of colors you can see on the site today.


Bright, personal and on-point – those are the qualities of Judy’s humor that became visible in the website design and that’s how the site will present Judy in the Russian segment of the web for the days to come. It was a pleasure working on a project that helped an important book to reach a broader audience and help them become better at comedy.

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Development team

Konstantin Davydov – adaptive design and front-end development

Darja Shakshina – project management

Yury Davydov – legal support

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