The Crichton Group corporate website redesign project

March 4, 2017


The Crichton Group is Middle Tennessee’s largest independent insurance agency

The Crichton Group


The Crichton Group company were looking for a new website that would help them to try and convey that they are a fun place to work in and a good company to do business with. The old website certainly wasn’t picturing the client this way. In fact, it was doing quite the opposite, giving the look of something extremely conservative, boring and outdated.

The Crichton Group

It was surprising to see such a good logo and content dressed in such a dim, gloomy shell.
And that’s where DesignRussia came in.


The goal of the project was to redesign the site of the Crichton Group company, supply them with a business website that would be easy to expand and grow with time, which would present the company as professional, tech-savvy and open to new opportunities.


Our top priorities for this project were content and UI design. We knew what we were facing and began working immediately. The job started in April 2016. Initially, we changed the homepage – the face of the whole company. The old cluttered and boring layout was put in a trash bin to give birth to the new company’s friendly image and eye-catching identity. The main colors of the company – green and blue – were kept, but the look was greatly improved. The newly added background images of the beautiful home city of Nashville living its life, the company’s awards, smiling people having fun at work are an absolute pleasure to look at. We also kept the arc from The Crichton Group logo. Now, besides separating the sliding images of the page, it kindly smiles at you bringing positivity and joy, showing how friendly the company is. The images themselves slide in a gorgeous manner, looking exclusively stunning and rich.

Then we focused our work on the front-end coding of the website, adding functionality to the alluring look. The site was brought to life and began to operate. The masterpiece started to shine in all its glory!

Of course, we can’t forget to tell you about the mobile and tablet versions of the site that we managed to adjust. They turned out to be marvelous.

After we transferred the website to the client’s domain, we finished working on the SEO and speed optimization, and with the security audit being ready, the site went live in late October 2016.
Surely it was a journey to remember!


The partnership between DesignRussia and The Crichton Group has achieved huge success! The Middle Tennessee’s largest insurance company now has the new, fresh, innovative, and user-friendly website doing amazing job presenting their best qualities. We have completely changed the company’s image in the digital world.

The Crichton Group


Konstantin Davydov – art-consulting

Vasiliy Fedorischev – graphic design

Maria Tkachenko – project management

Oleg Frolov – front-end HTML / CSS / JS responsive coding

Rustam Uteev – development and WordPress integration

Daniil Antonov – testing

Alexey Shalyony – general supervision

Yury Davydov – legal support

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